Me grooming my horse.

  • Me: Good morning
  • Me: stoppp
  • Me: stoppppp
  • Me: what are you looking at?
  • Me: NOPE stop
  • Me: Do not bite me.
  • Me: Kick me, I fucking dare you.
  • Me: ow jesus
  • Me: MOVE
  • Me: Stop movinggg
  • Me: Calm down. CALM.
  • Me: back up
  • Me: *all-purpose equestrian tongue clicking* backk upp
  • Me: gross
  • Me: STOPP

Ive been through way to much over the past few weeks. Im turning into an insomiac, i started having anxiety attacks and my mind is always on. Its all over a guy who gave me attention, showed me he cared about, me took me on dates and then turns around and goes back to his crazy ex girlfriend who cheats on him. He deserves to be miserable. He doesn’t deserve me. I am better than that. But i cant get him out of my head.